Someone Make This: The Action Music Video

Posted: January 20, 2012 in Various
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Rhythm-based games have seen an interesting evolution in the past ten years. From hitting buttons in rhythm to make PaRappa the Rapper rap, to jumping on plastic floorpads with Dance Dance Revolution, to mashing buttons on plastic guitars, and now to actually dancing in front of the Kinect camera, licensed music in video games have seen some interesting interpretations.

But no one has got it right, not like Revolution X in the arcades. Granted, these other games do a good job of bringing the player into the music, but no one has made me more aware of music like the on-rails shooter that had the special weapon of compact discs.

However, even with Aerosmith’s music and Nineties’ fashion, there’s only so much an on-rails shooter can do. Since Revolution X, the closest game to what I’m about to express has been the cult favorite, Wet from this generation…

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