12 Bands – 11 Countries – 5 continents – 1 game

Posted: January 30, 2012 in A-Band
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Our first game was meant to be a test rather than a real game, an experiment to get the machinery fully working. As the game grew, however, our lead artist Miguel Angel, started to see a lot more potential in the game than we had originally envisioned. This was a turning point for us: our guinea pig of a project would ambitiously grow to become the actual indie game that will be released in a few months time. A-Band was born.


The main change we introduce, was the decision to add real indie bands to the game. The philosophy was clear: cross-promotion and mutual help. We would like to give the opportunity to bands that show promise to be part of a game. We definitely like the idea of helping these talented indie bands, take their music to a broader audience, as well as exposing them to other type of media. Additionally, the bands like to see themselves in an Xbox360 video game, even if it’s just an indie game*.

The Search

The first step in our “band hunt” was to create a profile in the most relevant music social networks: MySpace, ReverbNation or Gogoyoko. We started then to email bands we thought would best fit in our game. Out of the 100+ bands we contacted, some never emailed back, some replied over excited but lost interested after a couple of mails, and a few even asked us for obscene amounts of money for their songs… But we still managed to compile a great selection of tunes… As you can imaging at this point, signing all contracts, dealing with all legal considerations and implementing the content in the game have been both exhausting and a big challenge for the team, but, as you will see, the effort has been well worthy.

The Result

A game including real bands had to be something big, globally big. So, how big are we talking about? Having as many different countries as possible was our main goal. We think we have done a pretty nice job about it: From Chile to South Korea and from United States to South Africa. A total of 11 different countries in 5 continents. The bands we are working with have shared bill with bands like Aerosmith or Bonjovi among others or won awards like the Best Rock Song 2010 at Hollywood Music in Media Awards… We are extremely proud of working with all these guys, they might be the next big bands to come.

A full list of bands can be found here: https://flammablegames.wordpress.com/bands-in-a-band/

Visit their websites, download their music, watch their music videos… they well deserve it.

* Bands like Hella Donna or Ten Year Vamp have also their songs featured in Rock Band’s DLC.


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