Here is a list of the most used game engines fron XNA Game Studio out there. There are different types of engines, for different needs: 3D – 2D, commercial – open source, particles…

  • Sunburn: powerful commercial engine for PC, Xbox and Windows Phone. The prices start from $150
  • Ox Game Engine: “Ox is a mature 3D XNA game engine ready for use in your free or commercial project. It features a 3D scene system with a visual scene editor, a 2D gui system, JigLibX physics, fully-integrated XNAnimation animation system, and C# game scripting system.”
  • FlatRedBall: “The FlatRedBall Engine is a 2.5D game engine focusing on ease of use and asset management. Combined with the FlatRedBall Development Kit, the FlatRedBall Engine can be used to rapidly develop any 2D game and some 3D games.”
  • Visual3D Game Engine: “Visual3D Game Engine’s All-in-One Development Tool enables live world building for C#/XNA-powered 3D games, multi-user training simulations, GIS/CAD visualizations, and online virtual worlds.”
  • TorqueX: “Torque 3D is the best full source, low cost solution out there. It is also our flagship engine built on the core strengths of our Front Line Award-winning Torque Game Engine Advanced. Torque 3D has been re-architected for maximum flexibility and performance across a wide-range of hardware.”. It comes in different versions $179 (3D) or $128 (2D).
  • Axiom: “The Axiom 3D Engine is an open-source, cross-platform 3D graphics rendering engine for .NET and Mono. The engine is a high-performance C# port of the powerful OGRE engine. Its flexible component-oriented architecture allows easy extension and provides full support for XNA, DirectX and OpenGL.”
  • IceCream: “IceCream is a powerful and feature rich open-source 2D engine for XNA games. Designed speciffically to take advantage of the 2D hardware accelerated capabilities of the XNA framework, IceCream is the perfect solution to quickly and easily create 2D games on Windows and XBOX360.”
  • Quick Start Engine: “The QuickStart Engine is designed to make it easy to get your 3D XNA project off the ground, by taking care of the framework for you, like physics, rendering, input, cameras, particles, GUI, etc. The engine is stable but still in a beta phase, lacking animation support and a level editor at the moment.”
  • DEngine: “A 2D game engine written in C# and XNA. Features animated sprite capability and physics simulation by FarseerPhysics. Includes a level editor, a GUI controls library and a sample RTS game, Factions. Contains A* pathfinding for unit movement and an ants system for AI navigation.”
  • Mercury Particle Engine: “Mercury Particle Engine is a multi-platform API which allows developers to add rich visual effects to their games. Implemented in C# and targeting the Microsoft XNA Framework, it is fully compatible with Windows, Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360.”
  • Xen Graphics API: “Xen is a framework for rapidly developing high performance 3D Games for Xbox 360 and PC”
  • Kodu: “Kodu is a new visual programming language made specifically for creating games. It is designed to be accessible for children and enjoyable for anyone. The programming environment runs on the Xbox, allowing rapid design iteration using only a game controller for input.”

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