A-Band has been finally submitted to playtest. Ideally we would like the game available in this phase for around 1 week or 10 days depending on the feedback received. We have been very active in Twitter (@ABand_TheGame) so the indie community knows about it and reach potential reviewers. This has proved to be the most useful way for your game to be tested.

This is the game synopsis we have chosen for A-Band: “Unleash your inner drummer with A-Band. The Arcade mode features 12 of the most promising indie bands from around the world: USA, Japan, Germany, UK, Brazil… and much more. Learn real drumming in School of Rock and playback your own creations at the Record Studio. Plug your drumkit in and CRANK IT UP! A-Band is the ultimate way for pros and beginners to jam on Xbox360.”

However, we haven’t provided a final cover, screenshots or a trailer during this period. We preferred the game to be tested as soon as possible rather than delaying it for this kind of assets that can be created during Playtest.

This is some of the feedback posted in the official game thread during the first days of playtest:

“Guys, a gorgeous game, well done!”

“Manage to produce a code 4 when pulling MU at both start up and after a recording in Record Studio.”

“Press Start to purchase full game is still displayed in main menu even though I’m playing the full game.”

“After dusting my drums off it was time to get down and play, I thought the whole presentation was awesome and the quality was top notch (I hope this is not going to be a 80msp title).”

“Over all thought this game was great and I will try to get my drums out more to test this game.”
A new version was created to fix the issues stated.


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