A second version has been uploaded to Playtest. This new version includes changes suggested by the reviewers, bug fixes and “to-do” things left. These are the main modifications:

* Fixed a crash (code 4) when pulling the MU out while saving/loading: the fix was to check if the device was still connected just before writing on it. This has been an extreme case, only happening when pulling the MU out in a really precise moment.

* Some tweaks to the gameplay to make the game experience a bit easier in overall.

* Removed the audience silhouette from the stage while in rehearsal.

* Increased the Fail window size and added sound.

* Better adjusted the band image on the Arcade Screen.

* Renamed the application to A-Band, was Aband before.

* Hide the “Buy full version” string when playing full version: this issue was introduced by a last-minute changed before submitting the .ccgame.

* Reduced sound quality to increase Compression ratio: the quality of the xWMA was set to 100%. With this configuration the package size was 204mb approx. This means longer loading periods when launching the game and the limitation of a minimum price of 240ms. After reducing the quality to a 70% the size has drop to 110mb approx, which is a more reasonable value.

* Fixed a bug that caused playlist of length 1 not been recorded correctly.

* Added loop names in Jam Session.

* Added particles to Menu Arcade.

* Modify Record Studio intro.


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