Added a third version of A-Band. This one has less changes, although it still includes new things from our incomplete to-do list. It can be considered almost the first Release Candidate since at this point no more features will be included (for now at least).

* Fixed Guide crash: this was a crash spotted by one of the reviewers, thanks for that! It save us a lot of time afterwards during peer review process. Guide.IsVisible wasn’t checked in one of the places where the MarketPlace Guide could be called.

* Make the Easy level in Arcade mode, well, a bit easier.

* Removed button B from “Drum select” menu, input B had no functionality in such window: this was suggested again by the same reviewer, well done mate!

* Tweaked arcade particles: reduced the budget for particles in the Arcade mode. A drop of the frame rate could be noticed during certain moments when lots of simultaneous notes where hit. This may happen only with certain songs in Pro level, but needs to be fixed.

* Added FX sounds on win and arcade intro: more things from the to-do list implemented.

* Fixed the position of the text in a couple of windows


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