We have listened to the dedicated community of A-Band players around the world: we are proud to announce the first A-Band update.

The extensive patch not only adds new game mechanics to the Arcade mode, but also gives the player the option to select between right or left handed configurations as part of the drum kit set up. The reworked game system improves the overall player experience.

The following game trailer has been created as promo video for this release, Noiseaux presents A-Band:

A-Band is available on Xbox Live Indie Market for only 240msp.

Unleash your inner drummer with A-Band!

Further details on this update:

* Implemented right-left handed option. It can be selected at the Garage when choosing a drum kit type.
* Modified the Arcade gameplay layout
* Changed the bass note shape in Arcade mode
* Bass note is now orange when playing with RB style drum kit
* Small tweaks to the first 2 songs in Arcade mode
* Removed language files
* MU Code 4 fixed

Special thanks to Noiseaux for this video
Cessation official video: http://youtu.be/rXWg7j3m8lg


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