Bands in A-Band

12 Bands – 11 Countries – 5 continents – 1 game

  • The Rebels (Spain)

The Rebels is a rock band that was formed on September 9th 2009. The band consists of Alex (vocal, lead singer and guitar), Alfredo (bass guitar) and Juan Sebastian (drums). When they start putting together their musical and vocal work, they seem to take on whatever musical rhythm or beat that transpires, in which they eagerly delight. At the same time, they stick to the more frantically wild side of rock whose catchy refrains stay with you from the moment you start listening.

  • Bedford (Australia)

Rock. Australians. Independents. Duo. Winners. Dave Trimboli and Matt Miao front-men of Melbourne based rock band Bedford, mix true rock values with industry know-how, to deliver an authentic rock sound. Bedford Wins!!! Best Rock Song 2010 @ Hollywood Music in Media Awards for ‘Kinda Makes Me Love You’.

  • Noiseaux (Germany)

NOISEAUX is a female fronted alternative collective based in Germany. NOISEAUX is pronounced french: [nwazo] and translates as “mixed nuts”. NOISEAUX teamed up in 2008 on a mission to reclaim Rock. Their debut album titled “Out Now!” was the first CD ever published to contain all songs in both English and German versions. Singer Noah Sow is also a human rights activist and author of several books. NOISEAUX have described their genre as  “Afro-Punk”, “Landeszentralpunk”, “Transglobal Rock”, “Pop Noise”, “Pre-Post-Whatever”

  • Ten Year Vamp (United States)

Ten Year Vamp = Pink meets The Foo Fighters with pints full of personality, charm and sex appeal. Named Best Indie Album of 2009, they’ve appeared on MTV and ABC prime time programs. Ten Year Vamp has performed over 700 shows across the US, opening for Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Lifehouse and MANY others.

  • JustDave (United Kingdom)

JustDave is just Dave Ward at the moment. Started in 2006 after many frustrating years working with other bands the ambition was to write and release a full length album. The album “Well I Never….” was released in late 2009 and now in 2011, the second album is well underway. The track “Waste” has been released as a single and will also feature on the new album. Hopefully there will be some more members in the near future and JustDave can start getting out and playing live too.

  • Red Velvet Line (Italy)

No frills. Just few finishing touches. Simply rock played in a direct way. This is the trademark that identifies the sound of Red Velvet Line. Red Velvet Line started to play together in 2008 and after a few months dedicated themselves to the writing and arranging of their first songs. In the summer of 2010 the band recorded their first album: “The Stars are falling” (9 originals tracks and a cover) and in September the video clip of their first single “Tonight” was produced.

  • The Jaywalker (South Korea)
The Jaywalker is an alternative rock trio formed in Seoul, Korea. They were originally formed in the 90’s, and have reunited again in 2009. On guitar and vocals is Kyungho Bang. He was a member of an elecore band, Lecher and a Korean rock duo, Neverland. Byungsub Lim plays the drums. He played in the Korean heavy metal band, Black Syndrome and Soul Take. These three musicians add an electronic feel to alternative rock to create an original sound.
  • Imari Tones (Japan)

The first Christian Heavy Metal band out from Japan. Influenced by 1980s heavy metal.

  • Hella Donna (Germany)

Hella Donna was founded in 2003 in Plauen/Vogtland. Their English songs – which we can describe as a mixture of Power-Rock and Pop – have placed themselves quickly in regional, national and international web charts and radio charts. Since 2005 the band had released two Longplay CDs and six singles. At the moment Hella Donna is working on new songs for the third album coming up in 2012.

  • Sananda (Brazil)

Sananda brings a mix of Rock, Pop and MPB with a different swing. Their songs have a magic touch with lyrics that reach your soul and your mind. They believe in a better planet and their music as a good way to send a message to the public. Sananda has some influences from the 80´s, brought to life with varying composition techniques. SANANDA is Wal, Caco, Marquinhos, Anderson, Vandinho and Sussa. Next álbum RECICLA! coming soon.

  • Faye (South Africa)

Faye’s music is a fusion of real human emotion, poetry and infectious melodies brought together to create a unique and beautiful sound. Born and raised in South Africa, Faye Gatley writes every line with honesty and significance in the form of ballads speaking up against woman abuse,love and relationships or day-to-day life experiences. Faye is joined by her sister Lauren Leigh for the song featured in A-Band entitled “Don’t”

  • Los Rockers (Chile)

LOS ROCKERS is a Chilean rockabilly band, the first one in its genre and creator of a style known as ‘Rebelde Rock&Roll”, a mixture between the sounds of classic rockabilly and lyrics with a strong social criticism. This latter feature makes them innovative as rockabilly tends to have simpler lyrics with no deeper content. The band was originated in 1992 and has five edited albums until today.


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