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Flammable Games has released its first game: A-Band, hurray! These are some of the things we have learnt about marketing through the development and release of it. This is just our experience, so don’t take this article as a tutorial but more as reference instead, you may well want to do things differently. This post is divided in the different stages of the development process:

  1. Prepare yourself in advance: things to do while the game is still in development
  2. Playtest/Peer Review: tackle the latest step in the most efficient way
  3. First thing to do once your game has been approved: write a press release
  4. Sites you want to contact once the game has been released: nicely done your game is out, now what?



We are proud to announce that the music magazine Ugly Scene has published an interview with Flammable Games about our first game: A-Band.

A-Band is a new upcoming game for the Xbox360. It features 12 of the most promising indie rock bands from around the world from places such as the U.S., Spain, Germany, Japan, Australia, Brazil and more.

To name a few the bands they include Ten Year Vamp with lead singer Debbie Gabrione, The Rebels, Hella Donna, Noiseaux, Imari Tones, Bedford, Sananda…

> The full interview is available here <

Lewis Denby’s marketing guide

Lewis Denby

One of the more common troubles I run into during my career as a games journalist is that, sometimes, its seems as though developers don’t want me to write about their titles. Every now and then, when I’m looking for something to pitch to an editor, I browse indie sites to see if I can catch a glimpse of something exciting that I might like to big up. Often, I come across one such games, decide I want to write about it, but then run into a thousand barriers that mean I just… can’t.

To begin with, I was baffled by some of these common mistakes. Surely it’s obvious? But after talking with a few people on Twitter, it turns out that maybe it isn’t. Developers: I assume you want people to know about your game, so here are a few suggestions of what you might like to consider doing in…

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