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A-Band Rocks…Pun Intended.


We are pleased to announce that A-band is finally available in the Xbox Live Indie Market for 240mps. Here is the press release:

A-Band is a music game based on the Xbox drum kit peripheral. The Arcade mode features 12 of the most promising indie rock bands from around the world from places such as U.S., Spain, Germany, Japan, Australia or Brazil in 3 different difficulty levels. Jam Session mode allows the player to use the drum kit as a real electronic kit, 100% configurable. Whereas in the Record Studio the player can save and playback his/her own creations. The most innovative mode is the School of Rock, which presents a way of learning real drumming by memorizing and rehearsing common beats (rock, punk or metal beats, drum fills and moreā€¦) all organized by difficulty level. A balanced learning curve makes A-Band enjoyable for both pros and beginners. All this wrapped in a film-noir comic style makes A-Band a competitive game, bringing new and fresh ideas to the music genre.

Unleash your inner drummer with A-Band!

A second version has been uploaded to Playtest. This new version includes changes suggested by the reviewers, bug fixes and “to-do” things left. These are the main modifications:


A-Band has been finally submitted to playtest. Ideally we would like the game available in this phase for around 1 week or 10 days depending on the feedback received. We have been very active in Twitter (@ABand_TheGame) so the indie community knows about it and reach potential reviewers. This has proved to be the most useful way for your game to be tested.


Amazing piece of artwork created from a drum solo.

As seen on Gizmodo