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Flammable Games has released its first game: A-Band, hurray! These are some of the things we have learnt about marketing through the development and release of it. This is just our experience, so don’t take this article as a tutorial but more as reference instead, you may well want to do things differently. This post is divided in the different stages of the development process:

  1. Prepare yourself in advance: things to do while the game is still in development
  2. Playtest/Peer Review: tackle the latest step in the most efficient way
  3. First thing to do once your game has been approved: write a press release
  4. Sites you want to contact once the game has been released: nicely done your game is out, now what?



A-Band Rocks…Pun Intended.

We have listened to the dedicated community of A-Band players around the world: we are proud to announce the first A-Band update.

The extensive patch not only adds new game mechanics to the Arcade mode, but also gives the player the option to select between right or left handed configurations as part of the drum kit set up. The reworked game system improves the overall player experience.

The following game trailer has been created as promo video for this release, Noiseaux presents A-Band:


We are pleased to announce that A-band is finally available in the Xbox Live Indie Market for 240mps. Here is the press release:

A-Band is a music game based on the Xbox drum kit peripheral. The Arcade mode features 12 of the most promising indie rock bands from around the world from places such as U.S., Spain, Germany, Japan, Australia or Brazil in 3 different difficulty levels. Jam Session mode allows the player to use the drum kit as a real electronic kit, 100% configurable. Whereas in the Record Studio the player can save and playback his/her own creations. The most innovative mode is the School of Rock, which presents a way of learning real drumming by memorizing and rehearsing common beats (rock, punk or metal beats, drum fills and more…) all organized by difficulty level. A balanced learning curve makes A-Band enjoyable for both pros and beginners. All this wrapped in a film-noir comic style makes A-Band a competitive game, bringing new and fresh ideas to the music genre.

Unleash your inner drummer with A-Band!

Added a third version of A-Band. This one has less changes, although it still includes new things from our incomplete to-do list. It can be considered almost the first Release Candidate since at this point no more features will be included (for now at least).


  Here is a list of the most used game engines fron XNA Game Studio out there. There are different types of engines, for different needs: 3D – 2D, commercial – open source, particles…